Wednesday, 26 June 2013

David and Goliath tees!

Hi guys! So my Mum and Dad were in London at the weekend (after my Dad took part in the London to Paris bike ride for charity) therefore they spent some time looking around the shops, but who can resist Covent Garden let's be honest? Anyhow, they decided to bring back a present each for me and my 2 younger sisters Ella and Jessie from this quirky shop Their funny slogans and cute cartoon like features never fail to make me laugh so I thought I'd share mine and Ella's top with you ( Jess decided not to bother).

This top was chosen for me as I have a slight obsession with unicorns and rainbows. It's random I know, but I always used to love reading about them in fairy tale books when I was younger, as they were written about so beautifully in such a magical way I guess I still become lost in the fantasy world of books sometimes even now as you start a new adventure with each book you read. Hmm maybe I should write a post about reading sometime, anyway let me know if you've got any suggestions? Right, let's get back on track *makes zooming car noise*.

Property of David and Goliath's website.


 I also love Ella's blue top featuring pink text saying "Chillin' with my gnomies" which we all found pretty amusing really, as Ella is always out and about with her friends singing along to Justin Bieber tunes on repeat 'busting her moves' as it were so this t-shirt suits her very well indeed. Sorry if you've read this and I've just embarrassed you Ella, but happy birthday and love you lots mwah. x

Thanks for taking the time to read my first blog post this is so exciting, trying something new, sharing your thoughts with the world! If anybody has some helpful blogging tips you'd like to share with me so that I can improve for future posts, please comment and I'll take your feedback on board. That's all for now byeee! 

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