Monday, 17 October 2016

My 10 favourite things about autumn

So basically I thought it would be nice to share some of my personal favourites about this season of the year with you all. They're in no particular order, just really like all of them no major winner, simple as it sounds really. I hope you like these too!

  • Watching the environment around you transform into rusty orange and golden tones, to the tan conkers - which I store to try and deter spiders with the chestnut oil inside :')  and stunning sunsets.
  • There's another excuse to indulge yourself in hot comfort food (within your limits) ie chips and beans to dive into, or a slice of scrummy carrot cake topped off with a hot chocolate and any extras you like.
  • Fireworks at the local musical competition weekend are always a must each year, I just love them! Even better when completed with a sparkler to write your name in the air ( yes I'm a 5 year old at heart) and a chocolate or sticky toffee apple on a stick.
  • Walks in the refreshing cold whilst wrapped up snug in your layers. It also makes for quality time with family, friends, couples and last but most definitely not least, pets!
  • The chance to add more jumpers to your wardrobe collection whether it be be fluffy, chunky knit, ribbed, printed, you name it! Thermals start to come in very handy at this time too if you're a cold creature like myself. 
  • Blackpool illuminations - you are always guaranteed a good evening and fabulous displays
  • Painting my nails/ booking a nail appointment to get an autumnal shade is another I look forward to as we head towards the darker months.
  • Bath time is notably more of a treat at this time of the year after a chilly day out and about. It's definitely something to look forward in the evening for yourself in a 10- 30 min time frame, where I can just lie down and let life wash over me.
  • I don't know about you but I quite fancy apple crumbles for this season in the year, preferably homemade when I have the time, but shop bought too if my family and I are in a rush. 
  • Boards game/movie marathon evenings with snuggly blankets and snacks

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