Saturday, 7 January 2017

Wuffly to meet you 🐕

Hi this is Charlie here,

I'd like to introduce myself as a guest speaker guy who you might be seeing more of from time to time. I'm a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and I'm pretty much the flyest dog around here y' know, being the COOLEST thing next to man. Infact scrap that, look at me I'm basically the best person to know in this household, can't help I'm so widely adored by everyone else. I just have that effect on others , like as soon as they enter the room, my presence just hits them and it's "where has Charlie been all my life?". So yeah as I was saying about myself, I'm a blenheim colour - a mix of ginger and white for those of you who are a bit unsure. Don't go thinking I'm gonna tell you my age though cause that ain't happening n.o. sistaaa - let's just say I'm middle aged and settle at that yeah?

So for some reason beyond my own understanding - it offends me as to why I haven't been asked before now #rude - one of my owners decided to put me up with a new hobby in life you might say. Although I clearly have a lot of better things to be doing with my life rn like using my deep, soulful eyes to get some leftovers from dinner, or snoozing on my blanket cause helloooooo a charmer like myself needs some beauty sleep obvs. I decided to lend myself as an added feature cause I'm such a gracious being like that. So I'm sure you'll love getting to know me and my jollies as we start this adventure together in future posts to come .

But yeah as you can see from pics of me - kinda decent chappy although it wasn't the right angle I wanted of course, but who has time for that when you're as busy as myself? Like I don't need a filter anyway cause it's me Charlie - the one and only - get with it guys c'mon.

That's it for today though gals and guys - a bit of info about me just so you know I'll be featuring as my fabulous self in some future blog posts of Charlotte's. Content will be about what I've been up to the odd day, trips, treats and just seeing what I do from there really cause ya know a dogs keep busy .......... and by that yes I want my sleep.

 I'm signing off now but cheers and I'll holla another time. 🐶zZZ

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