Tuesday, 27 August 2013

50 facts you may or may not know about me!

Hey there! So today I'll be bringing you 50 random facts you may or may not know about me and my life which may be amusing, I hope you enjoy reading this post and feel free to tell me random facts about your lovely selves. Off we go!

  1. My absolute favourite colour is purple but turquoise comes a very close second.
  2. I have to make sure every light switch is off before we leave the house as I can't stand wasted electricity.
  3. I won't eat mushrooms but like mushroom soup.
  4. I am extremely clumsy being skilled in falling not down but up staircases, also when I was young I walked into a lamppost, you know as you do. . .
  5. I can't wait til I learn to drive eek!
  6. I love love love the sea, the sound of the waves crashing together is just so relaxing, especially in the evening or early at dawn.
  7. Apart from my mum's homemade veg soup, pasta is my next favourite thing to eat - hands up for Italian food!
  8. I am happy to spend time and chill out on my own if my friends are busy.
  9. I never look my age of 17 which is so annoying grr.
  10. When my first sister was born I apparently ran into the room shouting " let me see my new baby sister" demanding to see her. Sorry Ella I'm not sure I could say the same now. . . . only joking love you lots.
  11. I'm slightly addicted to green and jasmine tea, they just taste so good and refreshing!
  12. I love flying and looking through the clouds down below trying to guess where I am.
  13. My favourite place in the world is Guernsey as we have family there,the locals are friendly and it's such a beautiful island, although Venice is also quite beautiful and romantic.
  14. I believe things happen for a reason as life takes its ups and downs.
  15. When I really like a song I tend to play it on repeat until I get tired of it, then come back to it a few months later.
  16. This is going to sound super cheesy but children,animals and helping others makes my heart smile.
  17. I find baking and cooking great fun they're also helpful skills to learn.
  18. I really like Dory's motto from Finding Nemo, 'just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, what do we do we swim?'
  19. It was also ashore  (I know it's a sure) unforgettable experience to have swum with dolphins in Mexico.
  20. I collect bed socks as strange as it sounds, for winter and general house use, they're just super comfy.
  21. I try to give a snack/drink to homeless people whenever I can.
  22. My fav tv series would have to be New Girl ( I've got the 1st boxset) and 2 Broke Girls, they're both hilariously entertaining shows and you can't beat a bit of drama in CSI.
  23. My nicknames are Lottie, Charlie and Charl, feel free to call me by any or Charlotte if you'd prefer.
  24. I'm a practising Christian and believe that God can change your life if you give him a chance to.
  25. I love Costa Coffee's 'flat white' best. coffee. in. the. world. ever. http://www.costa.co.uk/costa-coffee/our-coffee/#
  26. Occasionally I write poetry for the fun of it.
  27. I have an obsession with watching fire or the flames flickering in a candle, I don't know why it just amazes me, fireworks and sparklers are pretty unique too.
  28. I think reading opens up another world for you and it's been proven to help your grammar so go ahead and pick up a book!
  29. Me and my family tried our hand at segways on the last holiday, it was so funny and didn't always go to plan for Mum, but we all had an amazing time riding around together :)
  30. I love smiles and hugs they brighten up everyone's day!
  31. My all time favourite song would have to be ' You to me are everything' by The Real Thing. .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yT1iDKkZNYU It's the first track on my parents' wedding video and has really meaningful lyrics.
  32. I hate seafood bleurghhhh. (No offence to anyone who likes it)
  33. I'm a terrible liar, I generally burst out laughing within the first five minutes.
  34. I have a rare rheumatology condition called Juvenile Dermatomyositis which appeared as I started  year 7 in 2007. I was seriously ill with this spending 5 months in hospital being prodded and poked so I decided to have a central line for 14 months besides scans, ng tubes and time spent in ICU. After this I spent around 2 years in a wheelchair still receiving regular IV treatments and the likes.
  35. From this I went back a year at school and have experienced a wide range of emotions but have come through it a stronger person with God, my family and last but certainly not least my friends.
  36. I love roller coasters, the scarier the better if you ask me.
  37. My bedroom is generally a mess, there's many witnesses, but recently I've become more organized so everything is a lot clearer and easier to find, plus my mum's quite happy too!
  38. The smell of scented flowers is just so lovely that whenever I walk past a florists I  have to take a quick sniff, I swear I'm normal ahaha.
  39. I enjoy walking with our dogs to take a break and think about life.
  40. I've held and fed a baby tiger saved from the hunters called Sophia on a past holiday, it's one of my most valuable memories ever.
  41. My eyes aren't one set colour there's quite a mix which seems to change throughout the days, but hey different is good.
  42. I think nothing tastes better than a hot choc/milk or good cuppa before bed.
  43. My favourite comedians are Michael McIntyre,Miranda and John Bishop.
  44. I love cherry juice's sweetness and a glass of elderflower would never be far behind either.
  45. I quite like doing Sudoku if I have the time to spare.
  46. I've had no proper relapses since then as my medication now controls the condition quite well and I feel blessed to be out of the wheelchair.Also subconsciously some people tend to treat you peculiarly in a wheelchair which I've learnt through experience so I am determined not to do this to anyone I may meet, these people aren't any different to you.
  47. Chicken chowmein is very unhealthy but completely delish as an occasional treat for me. 
  48. When I was bought my first sharpener for school I tried to figure out how it worked on my little finger . . . I soon realized trying to sharpen your finger wasn't the best of ideas.
  49. My family and friends mean the world to me wherever you are on the globe.
  50. I can click the fingers on my left hand but not my right , how odd haha.
Thanks for reading this guys and gals hope it was a breath of fresh air for you , let me know what you think. X

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